Home-based care is one of the fastest growing sections of the economy. A vibrant, active workforce is critical to meeting patient needs.


Recruitment and retention are ongoing challenges for agencies of all sizes and locations. Challenges to both are many and varied including issues spanning from professional development to compensation and organizational engagement. 


Leaders at all levels are involved in growing and developing the workforce. Within these modules, a variety of challenges will be addressed allowing agencies to explore solutions best suited to their circumstances.


Workforce development is an ongoing, multidimensional challenge which requires constant attention.


Develop internal mechanisms to discuss, monitor and manage workforce development on a regular basis


High vacancy rates and high turn over rates will impact the ability to deliver care and ultimately the ability to generate revenue. It is critical to stay ahead of the workforce needs with innovative and well matched initiatives. 


ElevatingHOME-Developed Resources
Why Staff Leave and How to Keep Them! (webinar archive)
From Turnover to Engagement for the Healthcare Executive: What Returns Value (webinar archive)
The ROI of Using Pre-Hire Assessments (webinar archive)
Stacking the Odds in Your Favor: Best Practice Selection Strategies (webinar archive)
Recruiting and Compensation Strategies that Work (webinar archive)
Employee Engagement: Your Key to Exceeding Home Health and Hospice Outcomes (webinar archive)
Patient Safety in Home Care - A Foundation (webinar archive)
Public Resources
Strategies for Improving DSW Recruitment, Retention, and Quality: What We Know about What Works, What Doesn't, and Research Gaps (CMS)
Finding Direct Service Workforce Information and Resources Online (CMS)
Funding Direct Service Workforce Development Activities (CMS)
Workforce Initiative Landing Page (CMS)
Partner Resources
Webinar Archive: Creating a Successful Preceptor Program (Elsevier)
Is Your Recruiting Problem Really a Retention Problem? (Kronos)
Realistic Job Preview and Behavioral Interview Worksheets (Home Health Selection Solutions)
Pre-Employment Assessment Validation for Home Health & Hospice Nurses (Home Health Selection Solutions)
Other Resources (may involve a fee to access)

Signature Events

  • October 3 - November 7

Virtual Events

Public Policy Town Hall
  • August 6 | 2:00 p.m. ET
  • ElevatingHOME and VNAA members only
HHQI Introduction
  • August 15 | 1:00 p.m. ET
  • In partnership with HHQI
Hospice Roundtable
  • August 20 | 2:30 p.m. ET
  • ElevatingHOME and VNAA members only