The Nurse Workforce Challenge in Home Health

April 8, 2019 - HomeCare Magazine recently published an editorial by Danielle Pierotti, RN, PhD, CENP, Vice President of Quality and Research at ElevatingHOME and VNAA, entitled, “The Nurse Workforce Challenge in Home Health.” The editorial, available here, focuses on the RN workforce and the growing vacancy rates and recruitment challenges home-based care faces today. The HomeCare Magazine piece follows a study commissioned by ElevatingHOME and VNAA and subsequent white paper report examining the state of new graduate RNs in home-based care. The report, “New Graduates in Home-Based Care,” summarizes expert opinions from nurse leaders in home-based care and nurse academics. Through interviews and focus groups, leaders explore the role of new graduate RNs in home-based care, discussing the preparation of nursing students to work in the home, the ability of home-based agencies to provide transitional support to new graduates, the differences between work settings, the common core of nursing practice across settings, as well as the structural and cultural history of nursing in home-based care. Click here to download the report.  

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