Clinical Publications

As the leader in home-based care nursing practice, VNAA and ElevatingHOME produce several publications, providing evidence-based procedures to ensure each patient receives high-quality, consistent, reliable care at each visit.

Clinical Procedure Manual

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VNAA is pleased to present the latest edition of the award-winning Clinical Procedure Manual (CPM), a staple of home-based care agencies committed to ensuring high quality care for each patient at each visit. As the backbone of clinical practice, it is imperative that clinical procedures be performed in a consistent, reliable way by each clinician each time. 

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The CPM is reviewed biannually to ensure its content meets current professional guidelines and best practices while supporting its purpose; to enable providers to deliver the best care possible to patients. In this revision, contributing editors represent a diverse interdisciplinary group of professionals. This streamlined edition is based on updated professional guidelines, integrates recommended tools directly into procedures and places a new emphasis on patient/family education needs and documentation.

New for the 21st edition is a publishing partnership with the Elsevier Publishing Company. Content in the 21st edition was jointly developed and reviewed. The procedures, unless denoted as a VNAA Exclusive, are available in multiple digital products available from Elsevier Publishing Company:
  • Home Health Suite
  • Hospice and Palliative Skills Collection
VNAA members are eligible for a substantial discount on their purchase of Elsevier's digital products and the hard copy. Additional discounts are available for members who purchase 5 or more copies or nonmembers who purchase 10 or more copies.

Hospice Extension

As a supplement to the VNAA Clinical Procedure Manual, the Hospice Extension provides adult and pediatric evidence-based skills and procedures for providers of home-based hospice care in a hard copy format.

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VNAA and ElevatingHOME have partnered with Elsevier, the leader in clinical education, to develop the Hospice and Palliative Care Skills Collection, which provides hospice and palliative care nurses, home health care nurses, nurse educators, and other hospice health care team members with a comprehensive resource that combines clinical content with competency management functionality.

The skills offer an interactive adaptation of the Clinical Procedure Manual. Content is framed specifically around hospice and palliative care, a field where the goal of care is to reduce the patient’s anxiety and pain and increase comfort and happiness at the end of life. Putting an emphasis on safe and competent patient care, the skills speak to the importance of making informed decisions and provide guidance in caring and comforting adult and pediatric patients.

The Elsevier Hospice and Pallative Care Skills Collection features:
  • Evidence-based content created in collaboration with the VNAA
  • Mobile-friendly design that allows for on-the-go reference, anytime
  • Detailed content including quick sheets, online tests, and required supplies
  • Visually appealing platform with videos, animation, and illustrations
  • Competency checklist for educators to monitor progress across staff
  • Contact hours available upon completion of coursework
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