Introducing ElevatingHOME: A Unifying Voice for Home Health Care


ElevatingHOME Board Chair Joseph Scopelliti lays out the vision for this new nonprofit that aims to unify the voices of home-based health care and reposition home-based care as the center of health care delivery.
It’s an exciting day for those of us working to advance cost-effective, high-quality, patient-centered health care that starts at home!
Today we announced ElevatingHOME, a new nonprofit that brings together America’s for-profit and not-for-profit home-based health care providers to advocate for high-quality, affordable care. ElevatingHOME was introduced at the 2017 Home-Based Care National Leadership Conference in San Diego.
Formed by the leadership of the Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) with leaders and stakeholders across the country, ElevatingHOME is a 501(c)6 organization that aims to unify the voices of the home-based care industry—which includes 12,000 home health agencies and 6,000 hospice organizations across the United States. Its mission is to help home-based care agencies innovate and transform health care delivery.
We know that health care starts at home, and the need to elevate the national voice of home-based care couldn’t be greater. Healthy days at home are a priority for people, particularly older adults. When surveyed, 87 percent of America’s seniors say they want to stay in their own home as they age and would prefer to receive medical care at home when possible. With 10,000 Baby Boomers enrolling in Medicare daily, home-based care spending is expected to grow more than 70 percent in the next three years—from approximately $80 billion today to $137 billion by 2020. As an industry, we need to convey that we’re ready.
Home-based health care delivers the care people need—in their own homes, amidst familiar surroundings—often with better outcomes and lower costs. From wellness visits and chronic disease management to palliative and hospice care, ElevatingHOME will work to ensure America’s health care system delivers home-based care that’s safe, efficient, and effective.
In the months ahead, ElevatingHOME will focus its efforts on advancing home-based care as the central and critical component of health care delivery, specifically by:

  • Demonstrating the role of home-based care teams in meeting patients’ health care needs at home;
  • Developing and disseminating best practices for home-based care;
  • Establishing a high standard of operational integrity;
  • Elevating the level of public, private, foundation, academic and legislative support for the patients and families served and for the mission and goals of home and community-based services; and
  • Advancing financial models to support a robust home-based care industry while delivering value along the broader health care continuum.
I’m honored to serve as Chair of the ElevatingHOME Board of Directors. Tracey Moorhead, President and CEO of VNAA, has been appointed President and CEO of ElevatingHOME. And I’m delighted to welcome the following distinguished individuals as founding members of the ElevatingHOME Board of Directors:
  • J. Mark Baiada, Founder and President, BAYADA Home Health Care
  • Susan Brouillette, MBA, MPH, CEO, Alacare Home Health and Hospice
  • Erin Denholm, RN, MSN, RWJENF, President and CEO, Trinity Health at Home
  • Norene Mostkoff, MBA, President and CEO, Visiting Nurse Health System
  • Marcia Reissig, RN, MS, CEO, Sutter Care at Home
  • Bob Fazzi, EdD, Founder and Managing Partner, Fazzi Associates
I look forward to working with Tracey and the Board of Directors to help unify the voices of home-based health care and reposition home-based care as the center of health care delivery.

We cannot do this alone, however. Only by working with others can home-based care be a catalyst for sparking innovation throughout U.S. health care. So, please join us. Sign up for our e-newsletter to stay abreast of our work, and be sure to like ElevatingHOME on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

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