In conjunction with expert faculty and top professionals in the home-based care industry, ElevatingHOME and VNAA provide an extensive array of educational programming and resources to support our members.

We understand clinical staff must stay current on new treatments, technology, and procedures to deliver quality care. Likewise, professionals managing home-based care agencies face changes in business practices, regulations, and reporting requirements.

As a member, you receive access to timely webinars, roundtables, calls, and conferences, specifically designed to address your entire agency’s operational needs. Members also receive access to innovative learning management platforms in addition to teleconferences and in-person meetings, often with CEUs available.

Blueprint for Excellence

The Blueprint for Excellence is a comprehensive quality improvement and workforce training resource for the home-based care industry. It is designed to provide information and tools for care providers, payers, policymakers, researchers, and others with a stake in improving care transitions and care at the end-of-life.

Available to members at no cost, the Blueprint for Excellence includes research and practice-based tools and training, as well as measurement and evaluation resources to guide home-based care practices. The web-based tool---available here --- is easy to use, easy to access, and available any time. 

Clinical Publications

As the leader in home-based care nursing practice, VNAA and ElevatingHOME produce several publications, providing evidence-based procedures to ensure each patient receives high-quality, consistent, reliable care at each visit.

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Signature Events

ElevatingHOME, the Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) and the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation (the Alliance) partner to promote innovation and excellence in home-based care. Together these organizations conduct conferences and forums, and lead the industry through advocacy and impacting policy.

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Virtual Events

VNAA and ElevatingHOME host a variety of virtual events in support of home-based care providers.

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Partner Events

VNAA and ElevatingHOME connect home-based care providers with virtual education opportunities hosted by their partners.

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Center for Value-Based Transformation

ElevatingHOME's subsidiary organization, VNAA, launched the Center for Value Based Transformation (CVBT) to guide and assist home-based care providers in the transition to new, value-based care delivery and payment models such as risk-based and bundled payment models.

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VNAA and ElevatingHOME compile a variety of resources to assist providers of home-based care services. These resources include topic-based information pages, case studies, and white papers.

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