Blueprint for Excellence

The Blueprint for Excellence is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed tool created to support Best Practices in Home Health, Hospice and Palliative Care.

The Blueprint for Excellence was developed collaboratively by expert practitioners in home health and hospice. It intended to be used for a quality improvement and performance reporting in home-based care organizations. The Blueprint identifies best practices recommended by peers, designed to drive high performance on Home Health Compare, Star Ratings, IMPACT Act Measures, and Hospice Quality Reporting. By adopting these practices consistent with the Quadruple Aim, home-based care organizations demonstrate accountability and value to payers, patients, and providers. 
The Quadruple Aim in Health Care 
In this competitive and fast changing health care environment, home-based care organizations need a constant framework to drive quality initiatives. The Quadruple Aim offers this framework for home-based care, focusing on four essential goals: Better Health, Better Patient Experiences, Smarter Spending, and Satisfied Practitioners. These end goals are the basis of every clinical and administrative intervention in home-based care.
This newly updated Blueprint for Excellence offers updated recommendations illustrating how home-based care organizations can make strides towards the Quadruple Aim. The new Blueprint for Excellence identifies agency-wide interventions necessary to develop the infrastructure for delivery of high quality care. It also addresses core interventions that should be offered to every patient, and clinical interventions specific to the conditions of patients you serve. Throughout the website we identify key resources to assist users with additional training, tools, and information to guide continuing education. 

The Blueprint for Excellence can be used by home-based care leaders, education staff, or front-line clinicians. We encourage members to review the Blueprint for Excellence in teams, to develop collaborative approaches both internally and with the community that drive Better Health, Satisfied Patients, Smarter Spending, and Satisfied Practitioners.  
  Partner with referring clinicians and hospitals to develop programs and strategies to improve health outcomes and patient experience, and to help them meet accountability goals.    
  Engage patients and caregivers as partners in care to improve patient experience, activation, and outcomes in home-based care.  
  Educate payers on opportunity to improve outcomes by more effectively caring for people in their homes. Drive smarter spending by preventing admissions and avoidable ED use.  
  Support clinicians to practice at the top of their licenses, training for excellence, and recognizing achievement.  
Page updated September 2019